TransMY In The Papers Again

TransMY was in the papers again after  a year long hiatus. Not only in the papers, but our boys are being featured in the videos as well, courtesy of This time we were covered for attending last month’s Malaysia International Toy Fair along with our fellow member’s who runs a custom Transformers business booth – Wan de Real’s Transworks.

Both the video and the article about Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010 that was held last month in Mid-Valley, KL has been featured almost simultaneously few days ago via Hooha’s website and Youtube page at and the article, on The Star (Metro – Central), Friday 22nd Aug.

TransMY at Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010 - Page1

TransMY at Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010, The Star Metro (click to enlarge). Image Credits: Dianne Wong

TransMY at Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010, The Star Metro

TransMY at Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010, The Star Metro (click to enlarge). Image Credits: Dianne Wong

Hoohaa had Wan de Real as the 3rd guest to be interviewed in their video. The whole interview starts at 3.42 and ends at 5.46, that is 2min 4sec altogether. In the clip, the reporter questioned Wan about his involvement in custom Transformers and the profitability in the business. Other than customs, Wan preaches about the Transformers multiverse to the Hoohaa’s journo gal with full ‘semangat’.

As for the Star, the coverage are centred on entrepreneurs who produces toys and their toy company. Wan had a small paragraph dedicated to him in he article:

“Toy play can also be serious business as in Azwan Kareemz’s case. The 32-year-old has taken to custom building his own Transformer robots by taking apart die-cast models of airplanes and cars and reconstructing them. With the use of recycled items like wire cables, Lego ball joints, door hinges and even used zips, Azwan has hand-fashioned robots like Bumblebee and Secondwave with these parts at scales of 1:24 and 1:32 which he will sell for no less than US$1000 per piece, depending on size and material.”


The page has 2 pictures of Wan’s stuff. Though The Star did not specifically mention TransMY, Wan’s paragraph has made the group proud for his expertise in customisation and kitbashing.

TransMY will constantly push it members to be featured in the media for publicity whenever there is opportunity and invitation because we believe the passion via Transformers collecting is not one, but is for everyone to share.

While the news of this publicity was warmly accepted, I am in the midst of submitting some Q&A sessions via email with another journo from The Star that will cover the history and formation of TransMY. I bet there will be a pic of me and my bro, Mike. Hopefully these exposures will boost TransMY further before TF3 hits the screen next year.

For more readables, check these out:

#Special thanks to fellow TransMYians Wan & Dianne Wong for the news & images

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