Carmen In the House!

Carmen in da house.

Carmen in da house.

Carmen is in the house today! No, not Carmen Electra or any two-legged walking Carmens, I am referring to WordPress 2.9 codename ‘Carmen’ (aww, sexay)! Its time to upgrade again folks! I have upgraded all my WordPress powered blogs to 2.9 today and all is fine, except some minor glitches.

First of all, after you have upgraded it, some of you might be presented with this error:-

"Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLPROTO_FILE cannot be
activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in /home/jon/public_html/
wp-includes/http.php on line 1302"

I am not sure how the rest of you guys tackle this, but it seems like this error does goes away after a few minutes. Some users has been debating that Google Chrome does not seem to like Carmen like Firefox do. I hopped in WordPress’s forum to get a solution on solving this when that error occurred.

I wouldn’t deny that the accusations aren’t baseless as Firefox does not generate that error like Chrome did. However, I was rather surprised that the error goes away after a few minutes. This maybe due to your database refreshing itself after the upgrade (I think?).

So what’s cool in this edition?

First of all for all ya’ll indecisives – this edition features a global undo aka trash feature that could be used to unearth all the accidentally (or indicisively) deleted posts. What is also cool about this, 2.9 has eliminated annoying messages asking you ‘Are You Sure’ messages when you are about to trash a post. Seems like WP engineers are down with all of us this time. Kudos for listenin’ to our grouses.

Video, photo and image frenzy bloggers can chuck away all their third party multimedia plugins that do nifty edits such as embeds, crops, rotates, flips and yadas as 2.9 had all those multimedia feats built in the core system. Kudos to that again. Embedding Youtube will never be a pain again. Sounds to me like we are gonna kiss Viper Video goodbye for good this time!

SEO conscious people will have their canonical grouses ironed out. This is because bloggers can make use of  rel=canonical support for better SEO. Why is this important? For SEO freaks, and is 3 different thing altogether, and having all those working together simultaneously is not a good idea. This tweak will ensure that your URL will be targeted precisely making use of the best URL structure. This edition will benefit everyone as a whole as SEO is what makes your web presence worthwhile.

The feature that I am looking forward the most is the batch plugin updates. In the previous versions, plugins must be updated one at the time, and in Carmen, you can do it in a groupie mode hence boosting productivity for money making bloggers and productivity conscious bloggers who are constantly on the run.

Plugin compatibility issues were eliminated as well, providing more time for 3rd party plugin coders to catch up in their own phase and time without being pressured to have their plugins updated ASAP as to tie-in with every WP upgrades. Being a plugin hunter and user myself, I couldn’t deny that slagging updates of a plugin does open possibilities for users to backfire them. With this issue being addressed, everyone could just go on with any plugin they want and the  WP compatibility mechanisms will take care of them.

For all other goodies, read them all here. Good luck upgrading!

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Remy Church
14 years ago

WordPress is getting better day by day. I was wondering what is the next codename for the soon to be released wordpress packages? I wonder if the ladies are gonna queue up to get their name codenamed. Megan next?