Transformers 3 Leaked Script



Well, I am not sure how to put this, why the hell someone would want to write a 126 page PDF ebook and ‘distribute’ it around like a real storyline just to have another party claiming it was fake? Bay and co had played the same pattern of psychological games with fanboys before and when people were convinced it was fake – BANG! Bay did it based on the supposedly ‘fake’ storyline.

I have read this ebook with much interest, and to be honest the storyline is good – too good to be true, but I would not refute it as absolute fake either cos I bet 50% of what’s portrayed in this ‘fake’ storyline can or may appear to be true in some ways.

The whole storyline in this Transformers 3 ‘fake’ ebook was indeed (very) G1-ish. The paragraph mentioned every existence of the original G1 crews such as Perceptor, Wheeljack, Mirage, Hound, Silverbolt and the Aerialbots on the ‘bots side while Thundercracker, Skywarp, Laserbeak, Brakedown, Onslaught and the Combaticons on the ‘cons side. Other mentions were the spaceships of the bots and cons – The Ark and The Nemesis, bot crashed on earth after a collision course.

tf3 leaked script

tf3 leaked script. yahoo? not.

I would want to believe this is true but heck, just like other fanboys, I would anticipate that in within this 2 years before TF3’s release, Bay and co could seriously sit down and come up with an excellent storyline far more superior than this so-called ‘fake’ one and ROTF.

I think this ebook came too early for us to assume it was true. Some wishful Ehren wannabe is just being over-zealous out there, but was a good read, a nice refreshing read on a year’s end.

Keen to read? You can download them here, a 1.7MB PDF format file. Happy reading.

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14 years ago

(I boldly agree with Astrosurge)

When I hear people say "RE-BOOT," about Transformers 3, I laugh, but in some form or fashion, I AGREE!!!

I believe Michael Bay is truly being very sincere & genuine when it comes to ideas for a 2nd sequel to the Transformers Franchise! Whether it was the ACTION (sometimes too fast & choppy) DIALOGUE (not so clever or edgy), PLOT (not original or traditional), or the CHARACTERS/ACTORS (having talent or not) we can all agree that things seemed to deteriorate from movie to movie, therefore…

How will the Tranformers CONTINUE to live on Earth without an energy source to live off of?

Other than using Unicron (Planet Destroyer) and other robots (Dinobots, etc) as the backstory (or even in the story)… it will be pretty difficult for Bay & Spielberg to come up with something Historic & Original.

Many of you believe, stories related to the Comics and Cartoons may seem TOO OLD, while others may believe the stories that are ORIGINAL and NEW may NOT seem TRADITIONAL. Either way, they can't make everyone happy at once. It will take several creative ideas to come together that will touch all generations.