Cybertron Con – Of Kiasu Islanders & Idiots

It was indeed a sad day for TransMY and a sad day for collectors/customizers community in Asia. Our candidate to the Cybertron Con’s “Transformers Re-Imagined” competition was being trolled at by local troublemakers and provocateurs associated to some local participants there who does not seem happy that our entry, H22 is leading the polling race.

Kiasu 1: Liar Caller

First provocateur taunted and harassed our candidate calling her liar and cheater. TransMY members came to H22’s rescue by whacking the troublemakers. We then reported to the competition admin where swift action was taken where all traces of potshots thrown to each other, including the provocateur’s was deleted. Luckily though, we manage to keep the copies of the printscreen as proofs.

Sending proofs to TF SG Admin

After the deleting of the nasty comments, all calmed down. To our shock, it was actually the calm before the storm when suddenly, H22’s entry was taken down from the voting page for no apparent reason. Awed for that incident, we reported to Alan and Eric. Calls where made here and here and I was running around like headless chicken.

Not sure what the big guns have decided, H22’s entry was restored but with a stern warning. A ‘gag order’ has have been imposed to all of us where we were refrained from making comments and retaliating trouble makers for worries that H22’s page might be disqualified just because of our potty mouth.

Fair enough, but not so.

Kiasu 2: Complained about our so-called 'wrong' presentation. he question about why H22 get a lot of votes.

Very soon after that more provocateurs came in and start calling us paid cybertroopers who ganged up to vote for H22 and accusing us of art-blind people who does not know how to distinguish good and bad stuff. A lot of name being called, but despite that we remained calm and contented.

Kiasu 3: Accusing us getting paid and lobbied visitors to speak out against us.

Kiasu 4: Admitted losing & end up sulking

There goes the above screencaps to show us all how people can get really ugly when they realise someone is faring well better than them that they can result in all sort of crazy antics just to justify their action and views.

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