DMOZ Fiasco

The past week was shitty as my return to DMOZ was being greeted by power hungry editors. Today was the encounter of the ‘third’ kind. Third, as the third time I mean. DMOZ is an open directory. Anyone can join in as an editor even you. All you need to do is to select a category that you are passionate in or have knowledge in and apply to help and assisting it to expend to be more comprehensive and search engine friendly.

There was this category I was involved in for 4 years now and I had never had problems. Just currently after a hiatus from editing, I made a comeback. Upon being reinstated, I was swamped in with first few issues by some ‘seems-to-be-problematic’ editor who had just being put in power but never had the chance to use it. So there I was, a guinea pig for them to test on me.

The first fiasco I let it past my chin. Then came the second ‘senior’ editor who had faults with me again. Claiming that he/she/shim knows Malay so well (that bugger was a ‘mat salleh’), and changed the category into a mess. How can a school name become a Malaysian state name??? Talking about stupidity, that is just plain arrogance that he/she/shim try to portray.

Then came the third one, and all hell break loose. I rebutted and here’s my goddamn reply to he/she/shim;

Thanks for the reply. I admit that was my mistake about ‘cooling’ the site and I am fine with you withdrawing it. That is why I relist it again as it falls under the category but, unbeknownst to me that newly setup sites cannot be listed in the directory? Does that justify everything just because my forum is empty? Or just because some of the posts are dummy posts and they are all copy and paste from elsewhere? The site is a news feeder, and of course to feed news I need to get news elsewhere, and I did link back and credit the original source and author, not just simply copying it and claiming that was mine! Is that (rule) stated anywhere or did I overlook it OR if it was just simply because you say so? I did wrote some of the post and it was unfair that you are attacking me by accusing me that all my posts are sourced out from elsewhere.

For your info, I have been involved in that category for many years now and I understood that I am not a pro editor like you lot with those fancy awards and achievements because my reason of joining in as an editor is not because of those awards and appraisals that you get. What’s the point of having so many awards but portraying sheer arrogance and trying to outsmart others when they are really not?

I don’t need compliments or praises nor fancy awards from anyone because my sole reason of being here is to expand the category, and most important of all is because I am passionate about building a comprehensive directory in a field that I am passionate about and that is why I am defensive when someone made amendments without informing me. That is why I so loathe it when you guys (not only you!) come in and mess about the directory claiming as if you guys know what Malay language is and what it means.

The editor before you even put a school name as a state name before the ***** name. Is that editing? That is messing about and imagine me logging in seeing the directory in shambles? It makes me sick and upset okay? I do not see any justification in that just because you guys had the upperhand on other junior editors like me, and I don’t see it helps making the directory better at all as it just makes it worst just because of some of you lot with power, authority and not forgetting, arrogance think that you can do what ever you like.

The previous guys messed up the directory until I have to re-arrange everything again. My most recent experience with DMOZ was my worst in 3-4 years. In the past I was never ‘harassed’ like this. You are not the first one. I have already encountered few others who don’t show me no respect at all by messing about the directory as if they understand what Malay language is, the hierarchy of ******** in my country and the culture of my country.

My recent experiences is the most unpleasant one and I felt as if everyone had set their eyes on me ready to nitpick whenever they can. I just hope if you guys need to do any changes on what I do, just inform me and explain to me clearly and concisely why the was action taken. Like you said no one owns any category, I do agree but don’t get me wrong that your own words eat you back as you are claiming this directory as a whole as if it was YOURS through those abrupt actions and decision that you have taken before this.

I was never been this defensive in the past as some really polite editors did drop me a couple of messages advising me of what to change instead of messing it up and explain afterwards. I hate the fact that you guys tend to shoot first and ask questions later. Not only to you, this applies to the other few bunch in the past week who had issues with me as well.

I was never this upset in my involvement in this directory. In the past, I didn’t get editors coming in and mess about the directory that I have edited. Unlike now, you are the 2nd or 3rd editor I rebutted in defense for showing me no respect. I know I might sound emotional and defensive but please tell me why I mustn’t? This is due to the fact that I was really passionate about the category that I am involved in, as simple as that!

I know you are the big guns here and you can boot me out if you don’t like what you hear. But I hope you are sane enough to listen and take this matter seriously. What I am trying to stress out is, no matter what you do; please explain CLEARLY and JUSTIFY your actions. Some politeness will do the trick. You don’t have to be mean just because you have the power and the upperhand.

This is a free directory and everyone worked and helped out voluntarily. We all enjoy what we are doing and that is why we are here. So please be kinder to non-pros like us. A little of friendliness helps reduce conflicts and arguments.


Damn. I feel really good after spilling off the beans.

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