Transformers T-Shirt Fiasco in Airport

fcuk_transformerAs a Transformers fan, all my sympathies goes to Brad Jayakody for his recent ordeal with the Heathrow airport security. So, what Transformers have to do with airport security? It was all down to Brad wearing his favorite Transformers T-Shirt with a large image of Optimus Prime holding a GUN.

The silliest thing is, the airport security must have watched Transformers too, and he claimed that the image on the T-Shirt was MEGATRON, when it wasn’t! It is only Optimus holding a bloody gun and what is the problem with that? And is that what you call ‘freedom’ in a country where human rights was being uphold and sanctified more than the Bible, surpassing God’s power, and yet they don’t let a Transformer fan go on board the plane just because he was exercising his rights of wearing what he likes? What were they thinking?

As a sane professional person they should refrain from threatening Brad just because he was a fan. If i was in Brad’s shoes, I will press charges on those rude dickheads who claims they have all the fucking upperhand. Fuck them plonkers.

What the fuck they are so scared of a fictional cartoon character holding a gun? Does that mean by going onboard with a Transformers image on your shirt will cause mishap or cause terror scare to the people on flight? Or will Optimus Prime come to life onboard and cause a ruckus? Or is it down to the insanity of the airport security having problems differentiating reality and non-reality? Or are they just plain stupid, ill-trained school dropouts who have nothing else to do but just being anal cos they are just sick and tired of their jobs?

I think those security goons needs a reality check. They just lost their balls for good for being scared of a fictional cartoon character. I doubt these men can perform when they are being confronted with a real-life terror situation. Can they handle it when they are so paranoid even with armed cartoon characters? Their work load had taken the toll, and I doubt they will still have the abilities to perform their duties. These fatigue infested staff needs to be relieved for good and undergone a probie to improve their professionalism.

I used to think they are bunch of professionals. Hey, I think i just lost all respect to these goons. So disappointed to say that they are so tied up with their jobs until they became erratically illogical. I really think Brad should just confront them and make an ass out of this just to embarrass them instead of keeping mum. He can win this case easily in court if they wish to charge him. Plus, the supervisor was clearly threatening him (or should I say harass?).

I bet the media will then paint their faces beautifully branding them as idiots who have just lost touch with reality. Are we living in a police state? I think it is slowly creeping in!

Get a life you airport security morons, leave Transformers fans alone!

The shirt of Cybertron Jinx

Read more of Brad’s ordeal here in his blog.

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16 years ago

hi You’ve got a nice web log in place there, it’s quite interesting

14 years ago

Great story I posted a link on my twitter page @TeesBiz

The capital of Malaysia is: Kuala Lumpur (I just google it);-))