Jog For Change

My obesity haunts me. I have gained 7 kgs in 19 months since returning from the UK. Enough is enough, and I made a change in my lifestyle today by pursuing jogging. It is something I have never done before in my life. The only workout I did is a short jog on the treadmill and badminton.

I used to be worried about jogging because when I was little, I used to have stomach discomforts when I made long runs or sprints. Maybe it has something to do with my acid heartburn. I was tad surprised that the spikes in the tummy had disappear.

However, for the reward of being unfit, my thigh suffer strains after completing a 1.4km jog. My housing estate that I encircled in my route is 360m per round. I manage to do 4 rounds and therefore 360m x 4 = 1440m which is 1.44km to be exact. That is 0.56m short to a mile jog.

I was delighted that I managed to jog non stop, not to even steal for a walk during the jog! I think this is surprisingly good despite being a plus sized guy, I can still jog non-stop is really an achievement. Hopefully this is a going to be a good start, and I shall continue running from now on. 80kg here I come, the jog for change!

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