Shed 6kg Already

Seems like the jog works. After a week’s simple jog of 1.44km a day starting on Oct 18th, I have shifted to a far more rigorous regime to 12 rounds amounting 4.32km per day without miss. With my abs toner, it helps in toning up some abs muscles already.

It feels good as my tightening trousers before this has start giving up space and easing up a little bit. My thigh strains that I suffered before this has disappeared and my knees is feeling better too after all the initial suffering that I have gone through as an unfit person.

The back pain pills that mom supplied also helps alot. I used to suffer back pains due to the amount of heavy works that I have done in my younger days. Before the back pain was cured, it does hampered my jogging activities. An important lesson here for running smoothly – make sure your muscle and bone aches are cured before running. Try to minimize them as much as possible so that your jogs are more enjoyable.

I weigh myself everyday, and cutting down my portions smaller and smaller each day. Being a fan of rice, it is hard to kill that habit as rice helps to make me feel full. Now lacking that, I have to endure the tingles whenever I felt hungry. All I had was bread munches or water.

A little tip that I followed – if feeling hungry and can’t beat the temptation of gobbling up food, try to take vegetable soup or some liquid like water to fill up your tummy so that it overcomes your cravings. After feeling a bit filled, proceed in taking small portions of food that you take regularly. As for myself, I consume vegetables stir-fried in less oil and less oily meat stir fries. That is clearly a simple diet without pushing yourself to the normal recommended limits that most manual and guide suggests.

Let’s see in 2 months time I can shed further reaching my ideal weight.

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