Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon Trailer Out!

The news has been revealed on the 8th that the Transformers 3 Trailer will launch online at 4pm (Pacific Standard Time) on Wednesday, 8th December on Apple Trailers reported by Ain’t It Cool News.

The report praised Mr. Michael Bay for his hard work for the third Transformers movie which is gearing up getting ready to feed all hungry fan boys at theaters next year.

The description that was released earlier is spot on.

I had to go to bed early because of this. 4pm Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles side) is 16 hours difference with Malaysian Standard Time, hence 8am. When I get to Apple Trailers, the landing page for the trailer is up already, but the trailers are still nowhere to be seen. That includes the streaming videos and downloadable videos.

After refreshing many times for 45 minutes, I tried to make a query in Youtube, and walla! The trailer was there much much earlier! But after watching them,at around 9am Malaysian time, it was soon available at Apple Trailers.


It’s going to be a busy hour for me as I will be updating the official Transformers 3 Dark of The Moon (Malaysia) fanpage in Facebook and not to mention, TransMY’s landing pages too.

Fan boys like us are celebrating and everyone was sharing the same feeling this morning – goosebumps! More trailers will be surfacing soon and hopefully this wrap-up will be the best of Michael Bay before a reboot somewhere near future!

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