Transformers 3 Dark of The Moon Daytona 500 TV Spot Trailer

Just like most Transformers fan sites, I too wasn’t aware that the third teaser for Transformers 3 Dark of The Moon is actually scheduled to show up in conjunction with the NASCAR Daytona 500 event attended my Michael Bay and co! My Google Alert alerted me a news article from the Examiner, and I thought oh well it might be the same clip from the Superbowl.

The title with ‘Daytona’ quickly changed my mind about abandoning it earlier and phwoaarr….this shit is new! The 30 second length similar to the Superbowl one almost deceived me!

So what’s in the third teaser? Well, besides the usual stuff we have seen in the previous Superbowl teaser, this third one had narration! The new screen caps includes footages of:

  • Starscream dive-landed behind Sam and Carly
  • Sam & Carly talking (looks like a re-enactment of the same shit he say to Mikaela in the 2 previous movies, LOL)
  • The Wreckers, all three in alt mode were in fast phased action
  • Optimus Prime popping off his used ammo cartridge
  • Bumblebee on the freeway flashing off his MECHTECH mode (freaking awesome, just like the toys sez it!)
  • And the rest are similar to the Superbowl TV Spot.

So check it out!

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