Thanks TMNut

tmnut.jpgThanks la TMNET! Bastardos! Is Merdeka month, and you hamper my efforts in trying to run a peaceful Malaysian centric site for Malaysian Transformers fans and collectors. I am tryin to work my ass off to promote a national pride site where local members can gather, interact with each other, promote muhibbahness, fostering new friendships and building camaraderies and you fucking ruin it all by banning TransMY’s IP address just because of one puny scam-scare?!

You are scared of scammers is fine but not blocking the whole bloody subnets lah, don’t you have common sense at all?? An IT mediocre also know how an IP subnet is being fiddled lah.

This is the biggest fuck-up of the century

What my site is experiencing is like ‘sebab nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga’ (one do shit, everyone get shitted). Fuck you la TMNET. You tryina play nuts and go nuts don’t come and make us go nuts with you too. Fuck ya’ll bastardos nutters!

“When ping fails, we fucked”

Update: On 3/8/07 IP was released and TransMY was back to the way it was.

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16 years ago

Malaysia boleh eh?

Me: Sangat membolehkan…

16 years ago

well, they’ve done it again…transmy down again!

Me: Almost every morning eh??