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Blogging has became an activity in the centre of the globalized booming of the internet revolution. While broadband speed gurus are busy about IP6v2, bloggers have make use of the fast phased broadband ubiquity to channel off all their talents, leisure time & skill to write & tell the world about whats going on in their daily life, to bitch about others, to diss, to engage in courtships, to spread propaganda & to make good moolahs. Bloggers are versatile thus, making them protagonists & the antagonists at the same time.

I was surprised that I was eventually stuck & deeply involved in this scenario too even though I have been blogging since 2004; on & off just for the fun & experimentation of it but never take it seriously until recently. It took me sometime to think about what bloggers actually mean, & finally it came to light that it basically means Brainies Love Oblivious & Gibberish Generated Entries Regardless of Sensitivities (BLOGGERS). Agree not?

So it literally mean we are smart, oh yes we are & that is what the term brainies/brainys is for. I bet most of our IQ’s are more than 120 at least to enable us to do the ‘scribble of honour’ here on our qwerties. We love oblivious issues – ranting blatantly, lambasting crudely & effing around those who get in our ways. For those gangsta rap lovers, we prefer to diss, & blog is the best way to diss all our adversaries. We love parental advisory logos on our page so to glorify the G thingy even though we are ‘faceless’ & operate in anonymity (most of us do) so to protect our asses.

Gibberishness, is a must, there came a point when we are idealess, a random motion of our fingers does create a ‘masterpiece’. In other terms, is like a rapper freestyling, but surprisingly in this context, it was gibberish enough to give the bigshots a wake up call though. Uptight should I say? As in sensitivities, many of us disregard this one way or another. I bet most of us do, as most of us at one time in our blogging life ventured down beyond the lines. That what makes a blogger – we are simply oblivious!

“S&M – Seditious & Malicious aka ‘Sally & Melly’
The Star (22/9/06)

Whether we realise or not bloggers are theoretically enclaved in their own circle, forming a ‘blogolony’, confined in it sometimes in obscurity but sending powerful messages to the public with strong & absolute accuracy. While our politician is haplessly yap about everyday mundane matters in our parliament aka ‘political hot house’, bloggers who have been operating militantly had already propagate their way through the system until recently the hapless-yappers of the hot-house was startled by the so called ‘hostility’ & animosity caused by bloggers. They even made an S&M (seditious & malicious) out of us.

“The G reprimanding”

So now they wanna brand us like the antagonist mutants in X-Men. What’s next? A dictionary of termas of us?

Who knows in near future, words & puns like this are made common in our media;

  • “A traffic operation on the road or motorway to extract militant bloggers are called ‘roadblog’.”
  • “An extracted or brainwashed militant blogger is called ‘unblogged’.”
  • “The hapless-yappers was startled by the hostility caused by the militant bloggers therefore they decided to attack their ‘blogolony’.”
  • “A celebrity uses cologne while a blogger uses a ‘blogone’.”
  • “A blogging tactic is called ‘selok-belog’.” (malay)
  • “A ‘blogcade’ was imposed to the militants as a deterrence towards their aggression.”
  • “To ensure bloggers are kept at bay, the G’s decided to blogrricade’ the outcasts in their own realm.”
  • “A censure was made as the militant bloggers publish their subversive gibberishness known as ‘blogllocks’.”
  • “A ‘blogage’ is important to ensure the militancy of those outcasts can be neutralised.”
  • “Inmates was placed in a cell block whilst the militant bloggers is placed in a ‘cellblog’.”
  • “A gangsta rapper who represents the militant bloggers known as Snoop Bloggy Blog’ has been arrested for seditious remarks in his music.”
  • “26th December is known as ‘Blogxing Day’ for the outcasts.”
  • “The drama of the ‘blogolony’ raid was a big ‘blogbuster’ in TV.
  • “The west bloc was a peaceful vicinity while the ‘east-blog’ was a militant state.
  • “Civilised people conggregating in a group is called an en bloc while militant bloggers congreggating is called an ‘en blog’.”

Feel free to contribute puns on those. 🙂

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17 years ago

hahaha.. this is such a great post.. had me laughing there LOL

Here’s a pun:
I want to get a BLOGTOX

Men love ermm.. BLOGJOB?

Dean Arif
17 years ago

Kah kah kah… Nice picture of the minister eating pau!