Come-playin Your Agencies

After you read this ‘pun-tone’, check the stats below, & if you read the Star a lot you got the Sun!

I loathe the Internal Security Ministry,
Their summons cost me a lot of money.
I am definitely not their ideal honey,
Cos I never gave them any ‘coffee-money’.

They’re underpaid because of the Finance Ministry,
So I also don’t really blame them totally,
But too much of ‘coffee money’ is bad actually,
It tarnishes the image of our beloved country.

When I was at school I was the top scorer,
I applied for local uni cos it is much nearer,
Education Ministry was never any fairer,
Because my app was denied not considered further.

I report this plight to the PM straight,
I went to the PM’s Department in Level Eight,
Just to went there like going to a blind date,
They’re never early always turn up late.

On the way up I past by the Energy, Water & Communication’s Ministry,
Some staff surfing porno on their ministry PC,
I tell myself how could this be?
No wonder their productivity outperform terribly.

It’s an eyesore it made my heart ache,
It was damn pain I went to the Health Ministry’s G.H,
Poor facilities, the infrastructures has aged,
Not surprised many people died before they’re managed.

To keep myself active I jog in the park,
I wonder why Environment Ministry’s controlled park is so dark,
The place was uncared the path was unmark,
I was scared away by a stray dog bark.

So i ran & tripped as I stepped on a hole,
It was an unclosed Works Ministry’s manhole,
The sewer was deep I hurt my foot sole,
The cut was severe bigger than my butt mole.

So there I go filing a complaint again,
To the Home Affairs Ministry I’m making a bargain,
My complaint was circulated like a model toy train,
Until the whole process drives me insane.

My complain reaches somewhere I was bemused,
To the Human Resource Ministry I was amused,
They told me insufficient manpower was the excuse,
They couldn’t attend anymore as they refuse.

Then i realise it was prank they have made,
Their lame excuses was their problem to date,
Asking me to forget my cause make me went home late,
It makes me short-fused fuelled with hate.

That is the top 10 of my most disliked government agencies,
Their work is appalling a lot of latencies,
It is the red tape, it is their bureaucracies,
It is seriously Malaysia we are the victim of these bullies.

So what’s the story ‘moaning’ glory?

“Internal Security Agencies Top Public Complaints List” – The Star (27/9/06)

Top 10 most complained (an excerpt from top article)

1. Internal Security Ministry
2. Finance Ministry
3. Education Ministry
4. PM’s department
5. Energy, Water & Communications Ministry
6. Health Ministry
7. Natural Resources & Environment Ministry
8. Works Ministry
9. Home Affairs Ministry
10. Human Resource Ministry

Catch da’ drift??

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17 years ago

you’re good dude!

really enjoyed the masterpiece. keep up the good work LOL
write one for me? 😛

Hafiz Hector
Hafiz Hector
17 years ago

If they are able to count home many complaints they received, why can the never take any action!!?? Pathetic ppl who only know how to surf porn during office hours.

Btw, can you make it anymore funnier??? Stomach pain already controlling not to laugh out loud.

17 years ago

oi…where’s mine???