Battle of Batang Padang

Batang Padang is my district where I dwell ever since I was born. It has always been a BN stronghold but the most recent tsunami does create some confusion and uncertainty. Things will never be the same again after March 8th as no BN seat is a safe seat, if not now but definitely for the coming GE. Here are my analysis on my district’s verdict.

Datuk M. Saravanan (MIC) (n)
Tan Seng Toh (PKR)

Tapah has always been an UMNO-BN stronghold. Having an MIC there is not a problem as UMNO worked so closely with MIC. MIC is merely a puppet holding-fort for a seat actually sacrificed by UMNO for the sake of BN unity. Tan Seng Toh lost because Tapah parliamentary still possess ‘ultra-nationalist’ Malays who is not willing to tolerate non-Malays from a non-BN party. Next GE will be much easier – 1) MIC losing prominence 2) Nizar is doing a helluva good job ‘brainwashing’ the Malay folks in Tapah.

N46 Chenderiang
Datuk Mah Hang Soon (MCA)
Arjunan A/L Muthu (PKR)

PKR lost because PKR did not do their homework well in Chenderiang. Another factor is because the ‘totok’ Chinese there are still staunch supporters of MCA. PR need to educate Chenderiangians about PR non-racial policy. Mah Hang Soon won because of 1) Chenderiang folk’s lack of PR’s education, 2) PR did not do their homework and lastly 3) PR did not pick someone his (Mah Hang Soon) own ‘size’.

Datuk Samsudin Abu Hassan (UMNO)
Dr. Ahmad Razi Othman (PAS)

Ayer Kuning is considered an UMNO bastion in Batang Padang. Other counterparts are Slim. Ayer Kuning belonged to the ‘Malay heartland of the Perak south’ where neighboring areas like Sungai Manik, and Kampung Gajah are so well known with it’s UMNO prominence. PAS has no chance unless they can manage to penetrate the neighbouring areas like Sg.Manik and Kg.Gajah as well who constantly influencing and reinforcing Ayer Kuning during election. PAS candidate is credible but tough in luck.

Datuk Ong Ka Chuan (MCA) (n)
Mohamad Azman Marjohan (PKR)

This is another technical glitch that PKR need not overlook. How can they field a featherweight with a heavyweight? Plus MCA owns this bastion! PKR need a goliath at least twice of MCA’s size to rid of them. A no-namer is a no-no for the next GE. They need to field someone who is about the size of Datuk Ong Ka Chuan. Oh, commoner vs cabinet minister…? No way. MCA won hands down.

Datuk S. Veerasingam (MIC)
Sivanesan a/l Achalingam (DAP)

This win is miracle. But all these are being traced back to it’s winner, YB Sivanesan. He deserve this win because he is an extraordinary party worker. In Batang Padang he is prominent figure. A commoner who behaves more like a Datuk! Sungkai need no rich Indian to represent them. Someone who won the hearts of the grassroots like YB Sivanesan will do the trick. This victory is one case study for the rest of the YB’s to emulate.

Datuk Mohd. Khusairi Abd. Talib (UMNO)
Zulqarnain Hassan (PAS)

The second bastion of UMNO in Batang Padang. Work closely like twin brothers of Ayer Kuning. Slim is bordering with the Selangor northern Malay heartland where all the north Selangor SA’s are UMNO’s. Slim’s win is closely influenced by it’s allies in Hulu Bernam and Sungai Panjang. Hopefully with the strong presence of DAP in Sungkai and PKR parliamentary of Hulu Selangor will obliterate Slim and Tg.Malim parliamentary to PR’s fold. PAS should field an equivalent to Datuk Khusairi. That will do the trick.

Datuk M. Ramasamy (MIC)(n)
Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (PKR)

MIC is simply irrelevant in Behrang. It’s weaken counterpart in Sungkai is in the brink of surviving therefore Behrang get not much love from Sungkai. Malays in Behrang are more inclined towards PKR. There is a possibility that PKR’s machinery worked really hard there.

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