Perak Crisis: Assemblymen ‘Ensemble’ Under the Tree

peraktreePakatan Rakyat Perak made history today. YB Sivakumar and the Knights of Silver State brave through the thugs, the likes of PEKIDA, UMNO Youths and UMNO special branch – the FRU to the State Assembly building. As usual, BN-UMNO -ed machineries via the shameless police with absolute cowardice managed to lock the building down and barred entrances to stop the assembly.

Mob tactics were used against the PR ADUNS to harass and intimidate them. Surprisingly, the police on guard did nothing but stood watch the lawlessness happen in front of their very eyes. Perak is in a sad state as this ‘once’ glorious state herald the king and the monarch who ‘once’ ruled with wisdom, has failed the people terribly and miserably.

Despite intimidation from the racist-ridden thugs, PR ADUNS kept their cool fail to buy those intimidation. With the help of their rigid and steadfast volunteer bodyguards, they manage to assemble. As an alternative venue, the Perak Speaker then decided that the assembly will be conducted al fresco i.e. in an open car park below the rain-tree. With ardent supporters stood watch, they form a barricade encircling the ‘people’s ensemble at-work’ below a shady rain-tree.


Luckily, the cops only stood watch and did not interfere. The meeting ends nearly an hour later. The outcome is, the assemblymen managed to table a motion and agreed unanimously that the S.A to be dissolved thus paving way to MB Nizar to seek the Sultan’s audience to permit a snap-election ASAP.  Secondly, MB Nizar got the vote of confidence to remain as the lawful Perak MB.

The ADUNS retreated to the DAP state HQ with a rapture of support with occassional slinging of bottles and cups by the despicable UMNO thugs. Minor scuffle ensued and no arrest has been made eventhough the perpetrators are clearly seen by the police.

[svgallery name=”090303″]

Pic source:  Anil NettoDelcapo, Politik BanjarMySinchew

Based on Anil Netto’s live coverage, many sympathisers weep as they were witnessing the sad state of democracy in Malaysia which was being unfairly treated, and sidelined. Some pro-BN supporters laughed, but immediately backfired by swarms of sane PR supporters belittling them in return.

As for me, if someone is going to laugh about this absurdity, is definitely has to be the BN-led government for denying access and ridiculing healthy democracy practices. The whole world is watching and laughing at Malaysia-led BN and PR could lift their head-high as the BN clowns glorify their foolishness.


Today, I am a much happier Perakian than yesterday, a gazillion times prouder being able to witness the fearless defenders of justice who had belligerently representing us,  who stood up right to the valid mandate given by the people and refuse to budge not even an inch for the best interest of the Perakian people.

Viva la Pakatan Rakyat Perak! Let’s sue all the BN goon, UMNO machinery and the likes of it with the Speaker’s power and let them know what YB Sivakumar aka Sivaji Da Boss was made of!

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