Bzzzt Bzzt..Gahhh!!

Prologue: For once, let me do a ‘girlie like shoppaholic’ post okay? Its Xmas oii…

I long to treat something for myself for this festive season and I have just stumbled upon something which is electrifyingly cool in the perfume shop.

A CK One Electric LE (Limited Edition) EDT 100ml sold for £25 ONLY really caught my eye. The fluorescent lime green bottle ala kryptonite bloc is electrifying enough to make everyone pause and ogle it attentively. And guess what, it was the last piece in the mall before I ‘sapu’ it.

Gahhh!! Krytonite!! Runn!!

Electrifyingly lime green!

Here’s a short review of this EDT;

This kryptonite is classified as refreshing, masculine, fruity and citrusy to me. It was made from green lemon (color is self-evident), cedar, tangerine, neroli, water lily, violet, musk, and amber. Interesting smell though as if it was a lingering lime-cut in the air with a blend of fizzy ocean scent. Fragrance last for 3-6 hours. Definitely one of my new favorites. Suitable for all occasions and suits those who loves mild scent, ocean and citrus smell. Indeed a formidable niche of the latest CK perfumery line!

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