Last Minute PO Trip

My ‘gila babi’ last minute…That is what i call pure procrastination. Love it to bits. Love doing it again and again. And love regretting doing it over and over again. I know this lot will arrive late but hopefully will reach you guys before New Year at least so that at least the second line of my New Year well wishing after Xmas makes it worthwhile.

Really ‘gila babi’ last minute post

Arghh… cards!! Is all over the place!!

Those who didn’t get my card; I apologise ok. Is not that I am forgetting ya’ll; is just that I am procrastinating really seriously nowadays that I only list out those I remembered randomly in an instance. Plus, most cards are posted to those who have got English/Christian names in the front assuming ya’ll are at least half-a-Christian in you. Those who told me before that they were pure Taoist or Buddhist are not in this mailing list at all. By the way, will promise you guys better ‘precision’ in my Chinese New Year card-sendings.

Note: Some of you VVIP’s might get your thingies maybe right after New Year. DOH.

Damage done: 25 cards.

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