Ju Lai Lo

Can’t believe its July, the first. It was my month, the month of my ‘glory’. The month where my zodiac Leo roared triumphantly. I loved July. Why? Cos I was born in July. I love no.7 cos July is 7. I wish I was born on 7th July 1977 instead of 27th. Thats gonna be so darn cool – all 7’s.

It is still the season of World Cup. I supported England whole heartedly. I liked my 7, the England jersey but not Beckham with a 7! Thats blasphemous! Anyway, really look forward for my very own satay party which I had in mind since June. I hope I could quit this freakin place ASAP before the date

Oh, today is Saturday & i’m going for ‘war’. War with the customers on Saturday. Its my first Saturday in this restaurant. Would like to put myself to test after a long hiatus off waitressing. Let’s see if the system works. Fingers cross.

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