Buckfastleigh ‘Assignment’

Was summoned to help out a small but thriving restaurant in Buckfastleigh, a small town just off A38 for 3 weeks. So, blame it all to Sonny. I didnt know it was belonged to Jenny Ng – the biggest biatch, public enemy no.1 in Plymouth. Shit. If I know it was her’s, I wouldn’t be there at the first place. So why I was there? To help her out to reorganise the waitressing system there while Sonny was in charge of the kitchen.

The system was all in shambles I can say. Bothways suck – kitchen & waitressing. Everything (system) was disorganised. The restaurant (condition) was disorganised too. Have you ever seen a restaurant was made a playground for a wannabe antique collector? All you can see stuff spreading everywhere. All those ornaments accumulate dust & spaces wasn’t being made used properly. As you step in the main, you can’t tell whether it is an Asian or a local British restaurant. It looks like a fusion of both, but in a vile way.

The location is good – strategic should I say, as it was just right the offslip of A38 motorway Plymouth – Exeter. Used to be Little Chef, a fastfood/bar? chain that operate throughout the UK motorway. But Jenny is such a disappointment as she doesn’t run the place well. Such a waste of potential for such a place. Sonny says if he could acquire them, he could make it much better than Jenny.

Here are some pic of the place;

The right wing.

Disuniformed cushions. Such an eyesore. Blue & red – mixed up.
Get a life Jen. The arrangement suck.

The flower pots. Larger than your head.
There are much bigger ones I tell ya!

Look at the cushion colors. That’s the problem of cutting costs, but
acquiring rubbish.

A small restaurant with a big lounge. That is what I call

Small & cramped bar. Very disorganised & inconvenient.

Nice sofa sets, but positioning is just inappropriate.

Main entrance. Look at the right corner, effective dust

Bad settings. Pebble surface? Someone might trip over & fall.

Right wing outside sittings.

Right corner shot. Dead plants dangling
Not such a good sight.

Main entrance. Medieval tavern?
‘Chinese’ is just way out of the question.

Such an appaling start. I can’t imagine how to spend the next 20 days here – helping out? Too early to judge. Let’s see what Jenny is like.

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