Martial Law Awaits Malaysia

Musa Hassan did it again. Being an (him) important element in the BN machinery, he is dragging the army into his and his superior’s game. The army has always stood firm but neutral in Malaysian politics as their sole loyalty is only to the King, i.e. the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. I was wondering if the Agong will have any say on this since the army is directly under his command.

Pakatan Rakyat is slowly gaining momentum as case upon case has been opened and filed. The latest was Syed Hamid who has also joined the ‘ranks’ of being sued by DSAI and co. BN & police is very much frightened with this development and they are slowly resulting in dirty games.

This Sunday’s rally organised by GERAMM is still on and it was rumoured that it will be as big as last year’s BERSIH and HINDRAF rally. Musa Hassan and cohort is so perturbed with this latest development that he is seeking help from the army to maintain order. The question is, is the RMP haven’t got enough manpower to maintain civil order or is Pakatan Rakyat too rowdy or too superior to be subjugated?

As a citizen I did not agree that the army should be mobilised to the street just to maintain order when those duties are supposedly belong to the police. What is wrong with Musa Hassan? Is he out of his mind? Does that mean that Pakatan Rakyat is a bunch of desperados taking arms soon to topple the government by force? Even if DSAI sounded desperate but not all the rakyat share much of his sentiments. Why the paranoia? Is Pakatan Rakyat that bad and so unruly that necessary brute force with heavy armaments need to be used upon? With M16 and tanks? Bazooka and RPG on harmless and armless civilians? Or Musa Hassan has really gone nuts?

Malaysia is getting crazy day by day I know. But don’t test the rakyat!

The only ‘chaos’ that we have to squelch in Malaysia is all the CORRUPT people in BN, their cohorts in the enforcement agencies like the police and judiciary such as IGP and AG. I still have faith in the real trustworthy police officers and judges who are being silenced all this years, but certainly not the big guns. They have all allied to the darkside and have no hope in repenting. They just need a proper weeding to the core.

I hope the Army via the Agong will have a stand on this. Remain in your barracks and let the cops do their civil duty. We know they are hopeless so be it, and let’s see how many officers will refuse taking orders from the IGP. If this happens, is no surprise that there will be a mutiny within the police force soon – the mutiny of the Malaysian People’s Police against the Royal Malaysian Police.

They just need to stand up just like the rest of us, and make a change now! If the Army is going to be deployed, I hope they know who they should be siding. They are the our only last saviour to weed out all the elements of evil in our country in case things gets really worse.

In them I lay my faith into so God help Malaysia.

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