Nizar’s Car Plate A Hot Cake For Fortune Seekers

Our beloved Perak MB, Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin was involved in an accident on the 7th. His Camry (not Zambry) overturned while trying to avoid a Volvo driven by a lady driver at a junction while on his way to a nearby clinic. And for the Chinese, a car driven by a prominent figure overturning is hot news.

Hot is not because of Nizar or his car but is his car’s plate! Today mom tried to buy some mapiaw (lottery) that I suggested which includes Nizar’s car plate – 3 combination (not gonna reveal here), his date of birth and the accident date. The mapiaw seller ‘decreed’ that Nizar’s car plate number and it’s subsequent combinations are all banned!


Anyway, we are all glad that Nizar is okay to continue the fight.

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