Pimpin’ Muar

Muar ChineseI ain’t from Muar but this hip-hopper that hails from Muar (麻坡) has certainly break the barriers of Malaysian urban music scene which was long dominated by English and Malay rappings. Though it was humourously funny, this amateurish production feats rapping with a fusion of local Malaysian Mandarin with a twist of Johorian Hokkien dialect certainly adds comedic value of this rapper and a fair portrayal of his hometown scenario where he hails from.

For ya’ll who dunno where Muar is, it is a town located in northwestern Johor, south of Malaysia. The name “Muar” is also used for the name of its district, which is further sub-divided between the Town of Muar and the sub-district of Tangkak. Muar district borders Malacca on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Muar district is 2346.12 km², with a population of 328,695 (2000). The name originated from the word Muara or estuary in Malay. The other possible origin is Indian influence whichwas coined from two words; ‘Muna’ and ‘Ar’. ‘Muna’ means three and ‘Ar’ means river, denoting the Muar River, which flows through Muar.

No matter what the name was coined from whether is Muna Ar or Muara, this Ma Po homeboy certainly needs a good pimpin as his music is a potential ambassador in promoting ‘real scenic’ Malaysian life.

Check this out;


If you got the lyrics of this song in text form, please forward them to me.

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