Pudu, The Pulverized Jail

Pudu jail was smacked down today to give way to development. What an excuse. Why not just reutilise the facility to cage more offenders who are littering the streets of Malaysia these days who fearlessly instil terror among Malaysians? Traffic is one issue but it is nothing much to compare to the deteriorating security in Malaysia.

Along other penitentiaries┬áthat is still operational, Pudu can provide better (bitter?) lessons as the dark tale embedded within it’s chilling air might as well educate offenders into better person. This is only doable if the government stop mooting and really put in action about expanding the police force, and increasing the number of jails at the same time instead shrinking them. Ironic innit’?

Some might say whats the point of remembering Pudu jail which is infamous for caging notorious criminals like Botak Chin, Jimmy Chua and foreign drug dealers (Aussie duo, LOL)? The truth is, Pudu jail does not only incarcerate evil people but also good people who fought for the nation during World War II such as the nationalist (colonials not included lah), and that part made up the rich and vibrant history of Malaysia. Seriously, it shouldn’t be erased.

Anyhow since grouses about preserving this place fall on deaf ears, nothing much we can do about it. Still, in the morality perspective, Pudu Jail is an excellent reminder for every Malaysians that no matter how notorious you are, the gallows will do you justice eventually.

Pudu should be remembered in one way or another as some innocent souls might still linger around searching the light to freedom within it’s cells, gallows and wall. A plaque or a memorial will do justice for those who wish to be remembered as liberators of the nation.

Some peeps made these vids, and I think they are cool. Check it out ya’ll.





RIP Mr.Jail.

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