Sad. Damn. Who’s Sin?

The verdict was released but his name made us all ponder. The Tikritian Sunni’s was very sad – they are out demonstrating on the streets expressing their anger and hatred to the Americans and their puppetised government..The international community said ‘damn’ – a jest to the so-called human-right oriented verdict perhaps?

The normal Iraqi’s said ‘Who’s sin’? – God say is theirs because they are busy fighting themselves even they share a common ground in religion that lead to the chaos of their nation.

Yay, is partay time. Not?

So the tyrant is going to meet his gallows and creator soon. The infamous Halabja massacre will be forever remembered as the benchmark of Saddam’s cruelty and tyranny. Does that sounds like the American is doing well? I don’t think so, it happens that his time has come, caught and persecuted; he is just irrelevant now and he has to go.

Justice will be seen as prevailing but the fact is not. A retribution was paid to those who fell prey and the next thing is more chaos for us to see. Merely doesn’t justify anything. His death will make no significant difference. The chronic just needs cure.

Iraq is chaotic now compared to the days of Saddam’s rule. This is because Saddam’s intelligence has infiltrated to the most discreet aspect of the people that his agents who were his effective eyes and ears are embedded too well enough that he was instantly a deity where his presence is ubiquitous in many ways that news about good praises and malicious belittling of his rule can be instantly known.

That is what the American lack – intelligence, skills to ’embed’ and most important of all – attention to detail. Americans are rash and impulsive morons that attention to detail and patience doesn’t exist in their modus operandi. To weed out insurgents, they need an effective embedded intelligence in all aspects even to the tiniest aspect in an Iraqi everyday life. It can never been achieved as Iraqi was never their homeland and that is the only sole disadvantage that will always be the biggest failure overshadowing their multi-million military operation. And undeniably, that flaw cannot be rectified.

As for now, lets be ‘happy’ that we have sensational news served everyday in our medias as your’s truly entertaining pastime to kill our own personal boredom.

Keep the chaos coming. Parapapapa..I’m lovin it.

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