Gangsta Rapper Wannabes

Parental guidance: Explicit gibberish
Ya’ll know da hype aight, gangsta rap & hiphop shit is dominatin’ the musick arena aight. Its massive & its a whole world thang thang dawg. Gangstas ain’t pimpin no shit like yours cos they all comin from the streets just tryina keepin it real yo, & if yo fellas ain’t listenin’ to any shit of theirs yo, ya’ll just ain’t keepin’ real know nahmean yo punk ass mutha fuckas.

This is gangsta shit know numsayin this is gangsta shit, if ya’ll frontin’ like ya’ll like to do yo, we just gotta start bustin yo knee cap know numsayin muthafuckas. We are hustlas, we all hustlas know numsayin, we be workin our shits off mutahfucka 24/7 all day every daymn day to make a livin, ya diggin me punk? Everyone wanna be a proud ass ni*** like me yo muthafucka. if ya ain’t believin this shit yo, check this out even brownies wanna be like Nelly.

Nelly ain’t shit cos he ain’t no punk ass muthafuckin gangsta nahmean? But hot damn, everyone wanna be like him. MC-in’ smokin weed gangbanging & stickin a plaster up on his muthafuckin face, daymn! That dawg just keepin it shit fo real.

Hot damn, this is my boo & guess what, she is lovin it as well havin those nelly plasterin shit on her face all for da gangsta hypin shit. Go figga.

Next mutahfucka is this UPM muthafucka, the big daddy patronizer of the mutha fuckin UPM fo ya’ll who don’t know that’s a fuckin ass Uni. this Malaccan punk was a bloody ass gangstas hustlin from the village streets smokin weed, pimpin shit & all hella shit thangs ya’ll gangstas in LA gonna do – he damn doin it. This punk ass no-baller harass kiddies with his hoes n bitches in large numbers, yellin ‘hella’-lujjah like a dumb raggedy muthafuckin Ku Klux Klan maniac like no tomorrow. And guess what, this son of the bitch diggin Nelly as well damn. Talkin bout tha illest, this punk just have em stuffed up in his brown stinkin ass yo. And talkin bout his monkey ass attitude, he own the whole mutha fuckin zoo crew yo. Monkey biatch stone-aged neanderthals.

Aww shit, he be diggin Nelly as well. This dawg is well known for makin funny remarks & yellin like a ho with a breast cancer on da brain. Talkin bout winding up & screwin up facts, hot damn this punk is always up to no good. His famous quotes for ya’ll to laugh yo shit out thru your mouth;

“Kita janganlah menghisap ‘dada’ dan hendaklah menderma ‘dara’
(we must not suck breasts but must donate virgins???)

Samy Vellu; Kita akan mengadakan perbincangan dalam ‘bilik tutup pintu’, Bulletin Utama, TV3.
(we must discuss in ‘closed doors room’)

Samy Vellu; Diminta Tuan untuk ‘angkat kain’ majlis.(merasmikan majlislah)
(you can ‘take off the cloth’ for the ceremony’)

Keepin it real. He’s just one dumb ass mofo queuing up fo the next gangbangin in the stable. Biatch.


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17 years ago

i think u have something against sami bulu is it? seems like he’s a frequent “guest honor” in your entries lately hehe 😛

17 years ago

LOL, Sami Bulu so mannnnn

Dean Arif
17 years ago

Mothafukin’ funny!

Pei Sheah
17 years ago

yay, samy bulu is my hometown’s penghulu