Getting Listed Agonies

I’ve been SEO-ing myself in many well-known blog directories recently. Among them are big names such as Blogflux, Blog Explosion, Rice Bowl Journal etc. The reason is just to test my SEO skills instead of using the conventional ‘tagging’ method among fellow bloggers just to get each other connected & driving traffic to one another. But being accepted in some strictly-selected blog directory is certainly is a challenge that I just found out. Didn’t know it can be quite amusing, but do check this out.

I have no problems with all blog listers actually, except one – Blog Explosion (BE)! BE is very strict in their selection criterias. You need to fulfil certain criteria’s just to get listed & even short of one criteria will not be compromised at all as you will definitely get rejected. By norm, most blogs can get listed easily if you are using mainstream blog platforms such as WordPress or Blogspot or others. But the problem is, I try to get myself listed thrice, plus using WordPress & still get rejected. The reasoning behind it all seems pretty ridiculous I can say.

“It’s ‘fun’ to get rejected …NOT? Once bitten twice shy, but thrice???”

For BE you can register as a member i.e. member of the site BUT that doesn’t mean your blog will get listed. This is because there is a member section for you to add your blog(s) – get reviewed, & listed if successful. I thought it was gonna be easy just like other directories, but I was so wrong.

I first attempted to submit to B.E was in July, & this was their response;

“1st reasoning: Since when my blog became ‘members only’ blog?
It has been public all the while DOH!

Second attempt in August, ‘kau lat’ reasoning come to my inbox;

“2nd reasoning: Blog was too commercialised for business.”

Well, blogging is a way to generate some small income too is either seriously or just for fun. That is what Google Adsense & the rest of the click-ads programmes is all about right? When I submitted my blog again second time in August, they had rejected me again by telling me that my blog was solely aimed for money generation (which is so untrue), thus they cannot accept my site in their ‘humble’ directory (again!!?).

Third (most recent) attempt was jilted (jialat-ed) again for the third time!

“3rd reasoning: Comments must be enabled? Cheebye.
5Xmom also commented liao doesn’t that prove anything? Nia seng!

Diu..if my blog is not worth getting listed just say so lah right? No need to tell me all those grandmother stories from Nashville, Tennessee to Batu Maung, Penang. That’s mala-fidal ok? I really doubt their capability & efficiency in their selection process now after all these bullshit. Thus my response to BE is;

Nah eat this, & this & this…!! You saks.

Anyway, kudos to RiceBowlJournals cos I got listed in their directory already after a 2 day wait 🙂

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