Another Knot Tied

Congrats to Goh Yee Heng who’s gonna tie his firm knot with Suet Fun soon on the 15th this month. Yee Heng was one of my best buddies that I have known during our studies together in Plymouth, UK.

Best of luck in your marriage pal. Sorry I cannot be there to be your best man cos there were too much unsettled things for me. You have fun on ur wedding alright. Take care of your wife and family, and good luck in your future undertakings. Since you are worth a mention here in my blog, I would like to make this public to our friends in both continents, UK and Malaysia that you are tying your knot soon.


yee heng & Suet Fun

Good luck buddy! All the best! To Mrs.Goh, nice knowing you too! Take care of that old grumpy man. Haha.

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16 years ago

hi wong, it is me kengwoo.
how are you?
i am getting married. did y ou get my email??

Me: Hey, congrats!!! Nope lah, I didn’t get your invitation. 🙁