Ode To The Condemned Fucktards

To all the dissers,

You are all condemned-by-God born fucks and retards. You think by dissing me behind you can get in your way? Dream on mother fuckers. You will never get me to bow down kautauing to smell your smelly feet you mofos. I have my own principles, and you are damn wrong to think that I give in to your demands and imbecilic display of authority. Go fuck and sell yourself to the Pat Pong notorious pimps.

Small fishes and big fishes; just don’t give a fuck. If you have problems with me come talk to me face to face you gutless morons. Backstabbing doesn’t make you professional. If you claim you are running your scene professionally, I think you are dead wrong to think that you ever achieved that. It doesn’t bench well and you are way far-fetched than anything you claimed. You try to teach me talk the talk while you are showing me an ill example to follow? You’re just another mofo coming from an impoverished low class educated society who’s just tryina act right.

You said complaints are made against me was actually factless. You had no solid prove on that I challenged you. In fact you bunch of clowns engineered the story to tarnish my reputation. If you want proofs, I can get hordes of customers to sign a petition on my behalf and show you lot mofos that I have ‘fans’ of my own. Unlike you pathetics bastards come begging your clients for a one-minute fandom. Lame.

You are just new players in the scene so act like one! Don’t undermine me cos my experience is more than you lot. You wanna teach me CS? Your CS shittted down the drain big time if you ask me. Oh, Audrey cut that nosy grandmother stories of yours. The patron think you just composed a story while you shitted in your pants. Again, fuck yourself, your mom your dad and all your spastically born species. You lot are condemned and ways to turn back the curse by me is to stop the disses and act professionally for once.

Audrey, you are a bitch like your hubby. Both of you mofos have no idea what you guys running into. And keep your lecturing for someone else, oh maybe your retard cronies just like yourself. Your lecturing doesn’t apply well on me because what goes in my ear comes out my anus. That shows your lecturing doesn’t make any significant resonance in my mind. It’s irrelevant and its gibberish. Go compose your words well before confronting me cos I swear to make you lot blind with your teary red eyes struggling to rebuke every shards of my mouthful ammunition. Go find yourself a target with your own level of negotiation. Your ways doesn’t negotiate well with my pride and ego cos I am what I am. I stand solid and I hold my stand firm enough for you lot to crumble down. Once more you are just a bunch of mofos that I used to toy around and chuck aside when I don’t need them.

You lot are totally irrelevant. Go find someone your own size with the same equivalent amount of retardness like you are born with. Retard creation of God. Fuck ya’ll.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd8tPk1_2yk< [/youtube]

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