Mini Squashed

Nefarious earlier posted in TransMY quotiong;

Today evening, our member sparty was involved in an accident. His car was sandwiched totalled. Luckily, he’s alright and just minor scratches is all.

Send out your love (not TOO much love, he may misunderstood it!) to him.

A friend whom I known from our local hobbyist forum was involved in a car acident yesterday evening. Being a Mini car enthusiast, God knows how bad can a Mini be when subjected to sandwich-squashing effect by two other vehicles. Thank god he was alright and messages was coming from every corner of the forum wishing him well.


Rezall made a post and thanked to all the members well wishes, and this is his statement of what’s going on;

Hi everybody!!

Thanks for your concern. For your info, I’m serious injuries except for my heart..hehehe..what to do??

Anyway, u guys wanna know what happen right?? I was on my way home from work around 7pm. I’m coming from Sunway to USJ area (passing thru Sek 19, a bridge there to cross from Sek 19 to USJ 2). It was slow moving and I was in the middle lane (three lanes altogether).

When I was about to go thru the bridge, I noticed the left lane was jammed and a stupid black Wira Aeroback suddenly cut in my lane (middle lane) and caused everybody in my lane to make an emergency brake. I managed to brake on time but when I looked at my rear view mirror, I noticed the car behind (Naza Citra) still didn’t stop. Next thing I know, that car (Naza Citra) banged me and causes me to bang the car in front of me (Proton Wira). So I got sandwished. Wira, Me, Naza Citra, and a Kia Optima.

When I got out of my car, I was shocked!! The Naza just have scratches on the bumper and my car was wrecked. My left lamp broke, my grille flatten, my Mini’s butt not rounded anymore…luckily my radiator was located on the left side of the car..soo, no leaking whatsoever.

Then,one of them ask all of us to go to USJ 2 to discuss bout the matter. We were on the bridge at that time. So, I got into the car and guess what?? My car cannot start. My distributor cap broken!!! The rest went on their own first leaving me behind. I was left no choice but to push the car over the bridge. Suck isn’t it??

So, this afternoon I made a report but the sergeant in charge was on off day pulak..soo i have to come back on thursday pulak to take photograph of my car. Leceh betul!!

So, from my advice..please drive in a safe distance especially during peak hours. Although u can brake on time..doesnt mean the back car can do the same. I accept my fate with open heart. Maybe there is a reason for this to happen. Only god knows.

Later, if got camera..i take some photos of my car..before and after..

Yo Rezall, if you see this, take good care of yourself mate! Thank god you escaped with minor injuries.

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