First December Outing

Went for a dimsum lunch with the guys, all 12 of us at our usual place. It was a gloomy winter; no snow no rain, only strong winds accompanying.¬†We got the ol’ usual faces as always with Soomi bringing along 2 of her Korean mates whom I forgot their names (sorry! i’m bad with names!). We got 2 come-backs; Dave from Balipapan trip and CJ from his conference in China recently.

Engineering peeps are never hushed from travels and workloads all the way.

It was our first outing in December for the gang and we’ll be looking forward for another outing in a new Chinese restaurant located in Southside, Barbican soon just to try out the dimsum and services there.

Well, not forgetting we might need to discuss about our upcoming X’mas gathering soon. Still unsure who was the host this year as I was the host last year.

Collage of the day;

Dimsum at RGR

Scoffing session ongoing.

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