Blurred As Fcuk

Prologue: Someone plot a mala-fidal campaign against me in some prominent Malaysian forum.

Net can be a scary place. Being actively involved in forums, sometimes your presence can attract good attention & bad attention alike. I used to have old feuds with some individual long ago. Feud fueled by ridiculous matters. Matters which is not even worth saying here. I always thought human relations works as easy as forgiving & forgetting, or walk-away & forgetting…but it doesn’t work that way easily, uhuh, not for some people.

On normal ‘basis’, grudges can be hold in a certain length of time. But being carefree & so forth, you might not even bothered to diss back the asshole further by launching an all-out attack against a person’s character & intellect just because you have had old feuds happening in-between before. That is so CHILDISH..

It was not until recently, someone started to add oil to fire AGAIN, & launch an all-out attack & mockery against me, my ‘sanctity’ & my solace. he is promoting hate among neutralists who have no idea about the past feuds. It was so unfair to have drag innocents in a cross-fire. You’re a man, you know the rules of engagement! And that was very unfair as my hiatus was made into a ridiculous mockery. I was startled of course.

So it was known already as some informer leak this information out about a mala-fidal attempt by this fella under the nickname ‘Blurred’. He is a Malaysian who resides in UK, he love cars, pimpin honeys, pimpin cams & have got parasitic tendencies on pink forums & embraced Nihon culture like class A drug. Heard he is a photographer – don’t give a fuck. Heard he is in Hertford – also don’t give a fuck. Since the net is free & open, I get to know his name too. Yes, his full name, & today I’m gonna diss him to the fullest. So he is;

Fuck your ‘the’ family.
Fuck your photography skills.
Fuck your biotch pimpin skills.
Fuck your Type-R.
Fuck your sassy pink blog.
Fuck your Ringoism rank.
Fuck your affiliation with C.
Fuck your Jap cultural knowledge.
Fuck everything about you & all the motherfucking thing that you do. If any of you wanna be down with this punk ass mother fucker then, fuck you too.

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