Ewe Are Disgust-Stink

Caught up with something very distasteful before munching on my Chicken Mayo Sandwich here;

…Boy caught having sex with an ewe in KELANTAN!!

“BACHOK: Police are looking for a boy who is alleged to have committed bestiality with a ewe in Kampung Pengkalan Chengal on Saturday.

District police chief Deputy Superintendent Nazley Mohd Said said in the 6.30pm incident, the animal’s owner, a 36-year-old housewife, was cleaning her house when she heard the frantic bleating of her ewe.The sound came from beneath the lower portion of her house, which is built on stilts, where she kept her livestock.

On checking, the woman found the youngster naked with one of her ewes.”When she screamed, the youth jumped up and fled. She lodged a police report,” Nazley said.Police are looking for the 15-year-old, who also lives in the village.”

Source: NST

Can’t believe in rural Kelantan, bestiality exists! I was wondering how the hell under strict PAS laws, bestiality sex materials can penetrate through their society which was infamously known with their religiously strict decrees! bwahahaha

Dedicate this “Seloka” based on ‘This Old Man’ nursery rhymes for the Kelantanese state government;

“This gomen, he played Wan,
He played nick knickers on that Wan,
With that Nik nak pergi wack, give the boy sokmo,
This perv boy came wanking home.”

P/s: Wan & Nik is a typical local name in Kelantan

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