Crazy Old Man

An hour ago I was awaken by an emergency call from mom informing me that my dad was admitted to hospital for gunshot wounds. Gunshot wounds from his own favorite hobby – game hunting. One of his novice team mate tripped and the gun that was in his possession accidentally fired a shot point blank, thus hitting his right leg, and penetrated the left leg severing his thigh and calf. Talking about shock and disbelief, I was utterly speechless. I was angry as well as why the hell his novice team mate are allowed to handle a firearm in a search party.

Crazy old man.

That old man was always lucky, very lucky…sometimes I even wondered if my dad got nine lives like a cat. He has been through hell a lot of injuries and mishaps in the past but always recovered so well, and never afraid to get involved again.

Couple of years back he fell from the roof top with a shocking thump on the compound ground while doing DIY on the rooftop, yet he recovered miraculously without fracturing a bone. The year after that he was ‘sampok’ by ‘orang bunian’ (hob-goblins) in the jungle while hunting and left him ill for a week. Traditional mediums healed him and he was back on time to report for his next sail. Then just last year he was assaulted by street thugs in China during a trip there just because he taunt back at the thugs for their ‘racist’ remarks on him. Also survived a pirate seige on his vessel in Straits of Malacca during an assignment couple of years back. So lucky when the maritime enforcement agency came on time to rescue his crews despite few crews almost being taken hostage.

Crazy old man.

By midnight the docs (thanks doc!) successfully removed the bullet and he is recovering well. He didn’t even plan to sue this mate for the accident as he had already forgave him (lucky bugger). As for tomorrow, he still wanted to attend the ‘lau tia’ tea ceremony in my cousin sister’s wedding with a walking stick. I told my mom he better off staying in the hospital rather than walking around.

Crazy old man.

Thank god he is crazy, he is just my dad.

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17 years ago


My dad is exactly like that too! And my uncles and his ex-Navy colleagues called him “Chin Peng” since he has a Chinese look, long hair, strong as an ox and a real crazy-ass tarzan in the jungle! He likes hunting too, and knows his way in the jungle like a communist. I’ve seen him carry a m-f-ing huge deer on his shoulder!

Really silly and crazy old man… But that’s what kept him alive and kicking…

17 years ago

i read what your bro wrote in his blog and was shocked! but thank god your ol’ man is alrite… he’s a crazy strong ol’ man! 😉