Iranian-American Student Brutalised

An Iranian-American, U.S. citizen and UCLA student, Mostafa Tabatabainejad, was shot by UCLA’S UCPD November 14th 2006, because he could not show his student ID. He was shot 5 times with a taser gun. Police threatened to shoot other students who got too close to help. The student yelled out that he had a medical condition, but the cops kept shooting and abusing Mostafa despite all screams and pain. A pure example of how a person’s rights can be desecrated easily in a country where human rights is considered to be all above everything. Bullshit.

What is that student’s wrongdoing that he deserved to be shot 5 times by a taser gun in front of everyone? Five times is so unnecessary as one shot of that electric rifle can cripple your nervous system. Americans can be pretty fucked up at times, don’t get me wrong..i’m dissing the so-called enforcers of the law like the local PD in this case.


It seems like PD’s wanna immitate the Army in imposing a police state and making public places like university campuses a Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib of their own. They should have been more professionals in handling this issue instead of using mob-rule and racist approaches. Just because you hated Iran, you don’t have to mistreat an Iranian decent just because of that.

Tired of this civil liberty rights shit that they have trying to fight for but ruining it at the same time. Fucking hypos. And my response is?


Fuck ya’ll poo-lice.

Note: Ain’t no problem with good police, but bad police are like poo and lices. Yea, same to you FRU (Faggots R Us) & PDRM. Fuck ya’ll.

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