First Day CNY

Got up quite late, had breakfast together. Since I got a call earlier that Keng Woo, Cherrie and Wai Kyan is coming down for a visit, I did some preparation for them.

They arrived just after lunch and reached Bidor around past 2pm. I met Keng Woo & Cherrie during the Transformers event in Queensbay and have not see them ever since. As for Wai Kyan, I only meet him during the gathering in Taipan last year. So all of us did a lot of catching up on each others life that day.

After catching up, we are down for a card game as my siblings offered to join in as well at the table. We gambled till before 7pm as all of them had to rush back for CNY 1st day dinner in their hometowns – Keng Woo & Cherrie to Ipoh, and Wai Kyan to Kuala Kangsar.

One awesome afternoon has been occupied and I am really glad they came. The extremely hot weather of February did not hamper the fun. At night we had another grand meal with parents and siblings. Awesome atmosphere.

The card game continues after dinner and soon, our porch is crowded with relatives and friends’ of my siblings playing till dawn.

[svgallery name=”100214″]

Note: Happy Valentine’s to my babe.

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