Google Nemesis Hype

I am not sure if I should believe this, but the hype has escalated. It has recently been announced by Chris X, affiliate marketing and product creation guru of Day Job Killer, that their latest explosive product, Google Nemesis, will burst onto the marketing scene on Tuesday, 8 July 2008 at 3:00PM EST, and 4 days now, the search engine had them all over the place.

[ad#pjn_post]Their sales pitch got me excited too, and I am still contemplating to try, if not now maybe soon.

So what the heck is Google Nemesis? Nemesis sounds evil though, it it always something that opposes the usual norm, and in this cases Google was the victim where all their moolahs has been siphoned by this nifty money raking machine.

The good thing about the hype is a discovery of money making opportunities. The downside is, Google Nemesis will be a private membership tool that served only to it’s circle of members, and that spells pricey. No pain, no gain and if you have the courage to invest a little and try, you might learn something. Plus the return guarantee serves as a security just in case the program might not work well.

Google Nemesis is defined as a tool aimed at helping affiliates make a real income online. The content consists of both advanced affiliate training material and automated software. Chris himself has made as high as $64,000 in 6 weeks while using this system with one little Google ad with a click of a button with some carefully chosen keywords.

The package include first of all, a free video showing just one Google Adwords campaign that is bringing in over $2,000 per day. He is going to share the keywords, the URL – everything so you can check out the site, his exact Adwords ad, etc. Stated that he is giving you permission to get in on this action and ‘steal’ a piece of a four figures per day campaign!

As for the software, he claimed that the software does everything from find the hottest products, create websites using proven templates, “predicts” conversion rates – giving you everything you need to profit. It is the closest thing to a “push-button” wealth creation system. The Day Job Killer team have taken all the hard work out of Google and made profiting as easy as push of a button.

Well, learning is believing so is enrolling. Feel the hype? Read more detail about it and decide HERE.

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