Affiliate Internet Marketing Jargons

I bet most of you who are in the tech side are familiarised with jargons, but for newbies in internet marketing, understanding some terminologies can be a head ache. Fret not as here I have got a list of most common terminologies that you will come across when you start to get involve deep in internet marketing.

The list of popular terminologies used in internet, affiliate and niche marketing are as follows;

1. AD – Advertisement, text, banner, flash, video etc.

2. CPA – Cost per action

3. CPC – Cost per click

4. CPL – Cost per lead

5. CPM – Cost per mil

6. CPS – Cost per sale

7. CR – Conversion rate

8. CTR – Click through rate

9. DRM – Dynamic rich media, a type of ad

10. EPC – Earnings per click / earnings per 100 clicks

11. OPM – (or APM) – outsourced (affiliate) program management

12. PFI – Pay for inclusion

13. PFP – Pay For performance

14. PPC – Pay per click

15. PPCSE – Pay per click search engine

16. PPI – Pay per impression

17. PPL – Pay per lead

18. PPS – Pay per sale

19. ROI – Return on investment

20. SE – Search engines

21. SEM – Search engine marketing

22. SEO – Search engine optimization

23. SERP – Search engine result page

Everything clear now?? Dig out more and definitions by Googling.

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