Keyword Elite Hits Google Trends

Out of curiousity of finding what are the hottest trends and niche, I head off to Google Trends. Guess what, the keyword, “Keyword Elite” makes #1 in Google Trends.How did an affiliate program end up in a top rank? Am not sure myself perhapds the content that this program has to offer is simply marvelous.

Just a brief of what Keyword Elite have to offer – it is basically a program that identify and target highly paid keywords in all the major search engines available in the net. It was made popular as a ‘must have’ for all Internet Marketers and it has a proven track record for successfully being able to do what it was programmed to do.

Careful though that many cyber-squatting site has mislead viewers with some videos with annoying pop-ups and redirection to spyware scanning adverts or PC scanning adverts! The adverts will suggest that you purchase a product in order to correct your poorly performing computer. Don’t fall into that trap.

Other speculation on why the keyword hit the trend rank is because of excessive tagging using Keyword Elite as keywords of course. It maybe a strategy however if you are looking for the genuine stuff, it is available here.

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Jessica W.
14 years ago

Hi. This is definitely very helpful info you have here and I appreciate the post.

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Wordpress Autoblog Plugin
14 years ago

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Matthew C. Kriner
14 years ago

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Andrew A. Sailer
Andrew A. Sailer
14 years ago

I REALLY liked your post and blog! It took me a little bit to find your site…but I book marked it. Would you mind if I but a link back to your site?