Half Day Yanked

So I was the acting manager & they tell me I couldn’t rest? WTF. My half day return to work was greeted by yells just because those helpless mediocre couldn’t get the table arrangements right for a large booking later that evening. They frantically panicked! What to panic for fuck sake? Is just a freakin table arrangement! It is such a joke that Jenny arranged the table in a shape of a ‘C’ (wtf). I told her off that ‘C’ shape for table is such a bad arrangement. her reasoning was so that everyone could face each other.

For crying out loud, if you were to arrange them for the sake of facing each other, why not just arrange them in a form of an ‘O’ instead? Refuse to argue, I just say ‘yeah, you are damn right’ in a sarcastic manner. She catch my drift, but added nothing further. I hate when people trying to teach me how to do things in the areas which I am good at. It is such an insult.

Karma do justice on me that day. That ‘troubled’ table (I call it troubled cos Jen took a piss on me for causing them absolute panic), generate £40 tips for us. Solely £40! Perfeccione! Completamente sin habla mutha fuckas!

Nothing to be surprised of as I believe quick service & interaction (crack jokes) does the trick. It was a ‘legacy’ carried forward from my old days in WTG. As for the day, I was very pleased cos the afford that I have put in does pay off for that busy night. The system works even though it maked me sound so unpopular.

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