El Día Pasado..

End of the misery after a long fracas, friction, confrontation, war, bladee blah..

Sonny couldn’t take it anymore, so am I. We decided to leave it back to Missus-So-Damn-Smart. No point helping people like her. Is just not worth it. She doesn’t appreciate people’s effort at all. Every approaches that we take was monitored with prejudice. I help her sort out her 6 broken fridges that was delayed for so long. I helped her organise her stocking system. I printed forms for her. I reorganise the bar & all shit.

Sonny helped her get pass the Environmental & health inspector. Not a single thank uttered from her, none at all.

Rumours circulated that the rest of the staff plotted to ‘fire’ her, which means they plotted to leave her altogether. Xin got a wage cut for coming late to work because she needs to attend her sick toddler. How inhumane for her to have cut Xin’s half day wage when she is not even half day late?

Jen would never be a good boss. Never.

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