Seon’s Graduation

seonSeon came to Plymouth to be a doctor. (pun). It’s Seon’s graduation & I was invited. It’s been sometime now we didn’t meet up. I’m glad I quitted & resume ‘normal’ life. Feel bad cos I can’t meet up with Seon & May on Saturday & yesterday (Sun) as I was still on my last days in Buckfastleigh. Otherwise I be cooking some hot & spicy food for them. They have been pestering me for some home-cooked sambal dishes upon arrival. *sigh*

We meet up in O’Brien for some brunch. Was so honoured to meet Seon’s missus for the first time. A quiet & subtle charactered lady. We chatted like the old days boisterously from politics to dirty joke, from mundane everyday life to boring work stories. Is nice to hear stories from Seon’s side of Leicester & how his missus was coping up with UK lifestyle after not more that 3 weeks arriving to the UK.

After meal, we proceeded to CJ’s place for some photoshoot. As always Seon had set-up his makeshift studio again for the occassion. He refused to use the graduation photo services as he can shoot better (no joke), yeah much better than dem’ Uni photographers. Respect that. Its about 2.30pm when we drove to Arena (Pavillions) in Union Street while May & the rest in a separate car tailgating us to Campbell Court carpark. We lost sight of them for a while & reached Arena more than 10 minutes ahead of May’s car.

The Arena was packed with graduates with family & friends & uni staffs as well. I did a favor for Seon by doing some videography for him from the start of the ceremony till the end. We were one of the last ones to enter the arena which was already packed. The ceremony started very quick & brief – few intros, award giving, speeches & an outro. All ended in 90 minutes.

View of the ceremony during the intro speeches.

The honourary brainiacs of University of Plymouth.

The award receivers

Ol’ pal – Seon & me.

Seon, me & Seon’s missus.

Ol pals – May & me

Took some photos after the ceremony & had a farewell dinner In Royal Garden as Seon with missus & May had to drive back home to Leicester & Basingstoke.
Kudos to Seon who is now Dr. C.S.Tan. Congrats man!

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