m6Sonny got his new car in Newton Abbot. So he wanted me to accompany him. So off we go to Newton Abbot, a small town just off A38 motorway between Plymouth & Exeter. This town was famous with it’s Trago Mill, a giant convenience store/hypermart whatever you call it.

He had been eyeing for this Mazda6 for a while now, silver coloured 03 release. The mileage was quite high, but I wasn’t sure what caught his eye about this car cos he has been all the while a Mazda non-believer. But I admit that I have talked much & showed much detailed info about the car brochure that I have got from Mazda itself.


Just to satisfy his options, we ventured from Plympton to Ivybridge, from South Brent to Buckfastleigh so on so forth to check out if other outlet sell cheaper than the one we have seen in Newton Abbot. But I really dig Mazda dealer’s shop the one in Plympton selling first hand Mazda6’s, RX-8’s, Mazda3’s, MX-5’s. Lurve those RX-8’s man…As cheap as 18K to 22K with wide range of colors.But there were no sight of Sakata series be it Mazda3’s or Mazda6’s, maybe it hasn’t reach Plymouth yet I bet.


Right after acquiring the car, we went to Trago Mill for ‘sight seeing’. Not sure what we were doing there. Didn’t buy anything specfic but just meely to test drive the car around Newton Abbot then back to Plymouth. Did make a stop at Langage Business Park in Plympton to check on his new restaurant signboard.


He toyed around with his BOSE system but no suitable music to blast his speakers. Funny man.

Anyway this advert does remind me;


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