Hot Dawgs 4 Hot Job

lnf01.jpgBad news for pirates – Malaysia has recently deployed two sniffer dogs in its battle against music and movie piracy thanks to the joint effort of MDCTA (under Datuk Shafie Apdal) and MPAA (Mike Ellis). It was claimed that Malaysia has become the first country in the world to use the animals to hunt for disks of illegal recordings hidden in cargo. Two female Black Labradors, Flo and Lucky, flew specially from London to help them authorities to sniff their way into nailing those syndicate.

Whether you realised or not, them dogs has suddenly became iconic characters of the government endless battle to combat piracy seeing them as a ‘temporary’ solution to the problem. Ironically, them dogs are famous now in a Muslim country where dogs are considered ‘haram’. Heh?

Aren’t they cute?

First demo in KLIA.

These gifted dogs can sniff through locked doors and metal grill. Talking about cool, them dogs are awesome since Robocop. Believe it or not, this K9 duo has their own article in Wiki when most of us don’t. Talking about fame, they are already attained celeb status!


Fact about Lucky and Flo that you guys gotta know especially you dog fans (or Lucky & Flo fans?);

  • They can detect optical discs by scent of polycarbonate
  • The work with MPAA and FACT (if they were humans, their salary will be as much as an MI6 agent I guess!)
  • They first demo on May 2006 in London Stanstead Airport, UK and second in Washington DC, US September of the same year.
  • They were both 3 years old.
  • They were Irish (from Northern Ireland ok? Unsure if they were Protestant or Cath)
  • MPAA spent USD 17K to train them.
  • They started on 13th March in Malaysia and made their first bust in Johor 6 days after they have arrived!
  • Over 1 million discs worth RM2.8 mil was confiscated.
  • Six dudes are the first victims of these dogs’ bust that will be prosecuted soon.
  • They got bounty on them by the Malaysian pirate taikos
  • They are safe guarded in a mobile safehouse to avoid ‘assassination.’
  • They only can locate but cannot distinguish or differentiate.

Minister with issues?

Victory treat for the dogs?

The only worse fear is there might be possibilities of those taikos working (bribing) with corrupt officials to poison the dogs in their safe house. All eyes of the world are watching us now. If the dogs KIA’ed, Pak Lah really have lotsa explaining to do man..

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17 years ago

aiseh….cannot send you pirated vista already lah.