Ijok – No Joke (Pt.1)

ijok_00.jpgIjok ain’t no joke.

I showed more interest in Ijok compared to Batu Talam and Machap despite the latter was contested by Chinese. It wasn’t about that Chinese/DAP contested seats aren’t ‘hot’ to be noticed, but due to the fact that Machap was chink-on-chink thing and Batu Talam was a no-name contestant versus an UMNO old-timer; I don’t see anything interesting in those two as BN are not picking someone their own size. Similarly, both opposition candidates for Batu Talam and Machap are newbies going againts Goliath. What kinda fun was that?

Ijok is gonna be the centre of attention as Anwar Ibrahim will be assigning his very own right-hand man Tan Sri Khalid; a prominent ex-PNB guy to run for office against Parthiban, a shy-virgin cikgu backed by his overzealous bosses, Samy Value and Khir Toyol.

Apek’s handshake.

Lenglui in PKR..see how muhibbah is it?

As the media was buzzing about, BN was generally happy as their ‘faithfully’ departed incumbent, Datuk K.Sivalingam has provided another vacancy for BN to once again show to the world how their so-called democratic practices uphold the utmost transparency and unbiased by-election the world had ever seen. I would be interested to see more faces of thugs-at-work during the campaigning period. BN’s campaign will always be ‘marred’ and manifested by the presence of the infamous ‘keris-wielding’ pendekar; Datuk Hishammudin and PM’s very own delinquent – Khairy Jamaluddin. No doubt, that these prominent thugs will undeniably fabricate a much ‘colourful’ and ‘vibrant’ atmosphere in Ijok in the eyes of the media.

Young & ambitious PKR youth

The nomination for Ijok state by-election fixed for 19th April and the polling will be held on 28th April. The electoral roll for Ijok contained 12,272 voters, 39 of whom are postal voters. Malay voters make up 51.04 per cent, Indians 28.16 per cent and Chinese 20.59 per cent.

Confrontational BN’er gets rowdy and temperamental

Let’s see how far can PKR go and let’s see if Altantunya’s haunts does damage on BN’s rep this time. To date, Youtube has already been flooded by clips during the nomination with inevitable fracas and confrontation between PKR and BN.

So feast your eyes.

Nomination day

Nomination day violence

Mongolia song for Najib

Source: Photos by Nathaniel Tan

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