Live Rampage

rr_00.jpgMalaysians are insane nowadays. Road rage caught live on camera by a motorcyclist along the Federal Highway near Angkasapuri. Read on!

KUALA LUMPUR: A motorcyclist went on a rampage and smashed the window of a car which had earlier grazed his motorcycle along the Federal Highway in front of the Angkasapuri complex yesterday.

The irony is that he was in the wrong as he was supposed to use the motorcycle lane.

The man’s rage was captured by New Straits Times photographer Zulkarnain Ahmad Tajuddin, 42, who was heading for an assignment in Sungei Way.

In the 2.30pm incident, a Toyota Corolla had apparently grazed the motorcycle on the right-most lane of the highway.

The motorcyclist, believed to be in his 40s, blocked the car using his motorcycle and started to hurl abuse at the driver.
The terrified and lone driver locked the doors and was seen putting his palms together, asking for forgiveness.

It failed to pacify the motorcyclist, who took off his helmet before using it to smash the car’s rear window.

He then rode off towards Petaling Jaya.

The incident, which lasted for five minutes, caused a traffic jam on both sides of the highway.

I damn make sure I got a hockey stick in my car. Is better to bully first than be bullied.

Source: NSTP

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16 years ago

u have not seen some gangstas just stopped a person’s car, then dragged the fella out, then start beating and slashing that fella. scary.

16 years ago

hockey stick not good enuf.. iron rod shud be better.. or parang lah .. hahaha…

Me: Sharp n metal stuff to violent js trying to show them some ‘soft’ approach. Tats y pakai kayu la…hehehe