Muar Chinese Dissed

mcd_00.jpgRacism does happen in Youtube, and Google can’t do anything about it. Seem’s like Google are so okay with racism that users that abused its T&C’s do get away with it. While typing this, I was appalled and disappointed that some local masterpiece that was featured in Youtube peacefully was poked and belittled by some racist extremist. Not to my surprise, it was a typical Brit fucktard chav that dissed Muar Chinese!

I was pimpin Muar Chinese’s ‘Ma Po De Hua Yu’ previously, and to have this clip attacked by ‘someone’ I hate (Brit chavs) for no apparent reason is like being slapped to my face.

I bet all you Malaysians/Chinese/Asians might be pretty much upset to see this moronic act of a thick and shallow minded chav who brand themselves as civillised. (My foot!)

I got nothing against the Brit, but for ya’ll SPG’s/ass lickers who idolise westerners, this is what you get in their homeland and this clip is the actual portrayal of how racism are so rampant in the western countries like the UK. The asshole just showed his true colors, appalingly in Youtube where users are supposed to stick by the T&C’s. Youtube should act strictly on racist catalyst like this.

Couple of week ago, I have flagged his clip (video response) as inappropriate to Youtube, but no action has been taken. He even released a ‘show-of-remorse’ (sorry?) clip after fellow Youtubers stormed his Youtube site with ugly commentaries of calling him a racist pig. It started out remorseful and apologetic but towards the end of the clip, the ching-chongings just got worse all over again. It was just too much.

Surprisngly on the 23rd he struck again, with two of his mates ‘ching-chonging’ what supposedly to be clear and obvious insult to the Chinese.

For those who don’t know what I’m ranting about, please watch this clip and show solidarity by doing something. Such as leaving a comment in his Youtube account will do, or comments in the clip he uploaded might do best. Show this asshole that we stand united and rebuking his abuses by making him suffocate in his own playground.

How did it happen?

So it started with this, Namewee (the rapper) released ‘Muar Chinese’ (Ma Po De Hua Yu) hip-hop clip in Youtube in March;


And on the 30th, this Brit dude called Beamo, make a fun of Namewee’s clip by claiming it as a ‘multi-cultural orchestra’. Note the ‘konichiwa’ that he said showing how thick and shallow this asshole is. That was the a soft nudge, and as soon as the song go on, you will start hearing serious ‘ching-chonging’ that makes ya’ll feels like slapping him in his fucking face.



So he got lambasted as the result of the above clip, and appeared sorry in his next clip, but guess not remorse you are seeing. Is sheer belittlement that this bastard dimwit portraying;


Angrier? This dimwit says it was nothing wrong with it and he and his mates come out with the next clip that will make you explode;


Angry? I am! Someone please shut those ching-chongings.

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16 years ago

Yup.. he served a “farking” big slap !!…
Stupiak arsehole !