ts_00.jpgDirector: Antoine Fuqua
Genre: Action/Thriller
Starring: Mark Wahlberg (Bob Lee Swagger), Michael Pena (Nick Memphis), Danny Glover (Col. Isaac Johnson), Kate Mara (Sarah Fenn) and Elias Koteas (Jack Payne)
Plot: A frustrated marksman in exile is coaxed back into action only to find himself betrayed once again.

The tagline is “Yesterday was about honor. Today is about justice.” So said Mr.Goodie starred by Mark Wahlberg, the brother of Donnie Wahlberg of the New Kids on The Block (NKOTB) was a frustrated ex-marine marksman who was betrayed by his superiors during a special ops in Ethiopia. Losing his friend, a skilful spotter, Swagger went into isolation and wants nothing more to do with his former army life.

His tranquillity was soon disrupted by an offer in the name of patriotism made by a corrupt Colonel who was also a veteran with dodgy past. Knowing his astonishing marksman’s’ skills, the Colonel’s plot within his camarilla wishes to use him with his skills to assassinate the Ethiopian bishop who might have known the Colonel and his aide’s past in Ethiopia. The plot will eventually lead to his own blaming as to assassinate the president.

The corruptors plot was perfect as Swagger’s so-called mission is to take out any sniper that wishes to eliminate the president without him knowing that he was actually used as a bait. Far from being resurrected as a hero, he has in fact been systematically and scrupulously framed.

The fatal shot from their makeshift point eventually downed the bishop of Ethiopia, and a crooked cop who happened to be on the Colonel’s side turned against Swagger in his act of being the ‘goodie-goodie’ cop trying to nail an assassin. Swagger was wounded by the near-fatal shot and felled from the roof top. He was on the run and thus, becoming a fugitive. In the process of securing his getaway, he disarmed a novice FBI agent who was securing the presidential parameters and run away in his car.

Swagger on active duties with his soon-to-be-dead spotter friend.

The plot inside a plot.

A massive manhunt was ensued by all enforcement agencies against him and Swagger was determine to get out of the mess and to get even with the conspirators that cause his grievances. He seek refuge in his buddy’s widow’s (Sarah) home. After being treated of his gunshot wounds, Swagger was determine to dug in deep. Using Sarah as a middleman, Swagger eventually made contact with novice FBI agent (Nick) that was shamed by his department due to his negligence of letting Swagger fled away.

Ensued manhunt on Swagger by the FBI’s

More and more presence of copters.

The rogue FBI agents realise that their security has been compromised as the overzealous Nick was digging the case too deep that his actions alerted the conspirators about his presence. They then attempt to stage a faked suicide of Nick by abducting him and tortured him to extract information. Before they could get any tip-off, the henchmen was murdered by Swagger who came to Nick’s rescue. The two immediately bonded as a team and work side-by-side to nail down the plotters.

Buddy’s babe – gorgeous & dangerous

Swagger training Memphis

Their trail leads to an ex-sniper allied with the Colonel. Knowing that his life was threatened, the ex-sniper confessed about who is the actual target of the assassination. He revealed that the Ethiopian archbishop was actually the real target of the assassins, and was murdered in order to prevent him from speaking out against U.S. involvement in the genocide of an Ethiopian village. The genocide occurred in order to advance the aims of a consortium of American corporate interests headed by corrupt U.S. Senator Meachum so that no one can obstruct his project. Swagger records the confession as proof of the involvement in the African genocide, and he and Memphis escape from a large trap designed using the ex-sniper as bait to eliminate them.

During an ops exterminating a Colonel’s ally

Run Swagger run!!

Meanwhile, the other agents have found and captured Sarah and killed Swagger’s dog. Sarah’s kidnapping is to entrap Swagger. Swagger and Nick are able to rescue her when Colonel Johnson and Senator Meachum arrange a meeting to exchange their hostage for Swagger’s evidence of their wrongdoing. Swagger then surrendered to the FBI


Agents detaining Swagger

He later appeared in a closed meeting with the head of the FBI and the United States Attorney General present, he clears his name by proving to his audience that he had nothing to do with the assassination attempt. His defence however didn’t do much impact on Colonel Johnson’s behalf as he was not being arrested. This was because Colonel Johnson’s past atrocities in Ethiopia was not bound by the US laws. Nevertheless, Swagger was also released of all charges and the grudges does not end there as he decided to pay the Colonel back for the grievances that he and his men has cause him by murdering everyone including his aides.

Proving innocence

Shooter – The trailer

The plot is seemingly predictable but the thrill and drama portrayed in the show immediately overcome the boredom of the stereotypical traits that every average US action flick has. Highly recommended for gun fans as Swagger can be as technical as a weapon’s guru for those who love ballistics and weaponries as the tech-talk about guns can make you lost focus for awhile.

However, if you like revenge and don’t know how to do it, watch this movie! I give this show a 4 star.

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