Machap Mashed-Up

mben9.jpgIt was a by election that turned ugly when several members of the opposition party was assaulted by Samy’s wrecking crew. Using the party flag pole itself, they show-off superiorism by scarring the faces of their victim with their symbolic party flag. The flag itself was stained in blood was then awaiting investigation. DAP vow to use it as proof that MIC are the original suppressor and persecutor of their own race.

It’s another ‘black-on-black’ crime seems like it, and it not only happens in South Central, Cali but it does happen in our very own Bolehland – MIC thug style at its best.

The MIC and DAP have accused each other of being the troublemaker during an incident on April 3, the nomination day for the Machap by-election.

The MIC Youth alleged that DAP members had assaulted their members. It had reported the matter to the Election Commission.

Movement chief S. Vigneswaran said he would also lodge a police report on the alleged assault, claiming that opposition members also used vulgar language against MIC Youth members.

He also accused the DAP of bringing along some non-DAP members, adding that one of the alleged attackers wore a T-shirt bearing the emblem of Parti Keadilan Rakyat and was also carrying the PKR flag.

Speaking to reporters at the Parliament lobby yesterday, Vigneswaran, the Youth and Sports Ministry parliamentary secretary, denied that he was at the scene of the incident.

Meanwhile, DAP legal bureau head A. Sivanesan dared Vigneswaran to prove his claim that the DAP had brought non-DAP members to cause trouble.

Sivanesan said he would quit his party positions if Vigneswaran could prove this within three days. Otherwise, he said, the parliamentary secretary should quit the post.

On Tuesday, technician K. Kannis, 42, and transport company worker A. Vijayan, 24, lodged a police report that they were injured in the face after being attacked by a group with flagsticks and bricks.

Malaysia Nanban reporter R. Malini, 30, and Makal Osai photographer P. Malayanadi, 49, also lodged reports that they were threatened by a group of men.

Malacca police chief Datuk Ayob Yaakob has classified the case as rioting, saying he would hand over the investigation papers to the Attorney-General’s office for further action.


Source: & The Star

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