Merdeka Enough To… (Part 1)

Surf porn in workplace? ^_^
Hold-up hold-up you punks, check the small print below first aight? 🙂

2006 was a bad year for Malaysian Customs & Excise (KDRM). The agency has been bashed all corners – left, right, front & back. Oh? And head-on too. Got my drift? No? These teasers might enlighten …

“MP’s ‘bullied’ Customs in Dewan Rakyat” – 29th Aug, Utusan Malaysia

“PM ordered accusations on Customs to cease immediately” – 29th Aug, Utusan Malaysia

“MP denied getting special privileges from Customs in getting cheaper car deals” – 27th Aug, Utusan Malaysia

“Cuepacs show solidarity to Customs by urging MP’s to stop those blunt accusations” – 23rd Aug, Utusan Malaysia

“Customs was told to reveal names of MPs who’ve got cheap car deals from them” – 22nd Aug, Utusan Malaysia

So, nuff’ of those bashings, they have been much of a scape goat this year. Poor thing. They need much of an image ‘cleansing’ ASAP to regain back trust & confidence from the public towards their credibility. But…

“PM warned that government servants who surf porn sites will be sacked” – 13th July, Utusan Malaysia.

….what is that strip above have to do with all the Customs-bashing above? Well, check the title, we have got some proofs ‘in the house’. Check this shit out;

“Kongkek! Effing shiat!”

‘Kongkek’ is a familiar word among Malaysians. It is equivalent to the ‘eff’ word that ya’ll utter non-stop each & every damn day you vile punks. Haha! But here’s the joke, after all that Customs & Excise bashing above, my ‘system’ caught a rogue, possibly horny Custom officer surfing porn (the kongkek word that appears in my Sitemeter IP logger may have already justifes his actions so obviously already!) during lunchtime. Not convinced yet? Check this out again…

“Analysis Part 1: Holy jezuz even cries.”

I concealed the IP of that do-gooder so to save his mofo ass & doing them a big favor. Anyway, left the K for ya’ll to speculate!

The analysis;

They run Windows 98 – no wonder govt is so outdated in ICT. After all those MSC, MDeC, ITC, 9MP, APICTA, KRU, 4U2C, MCD, KFC, CIA, FBI, FSB, KGB, IRA, Snoop D.O Double G.. hot damn, (all those lingo makes me sick) they are still the same. We are going towards Vista soon for God’s sake, & they are still using a nearly 10 year ol’ outdated & irrelevant system.

Telekom Malaysia (TMNet) – is their ISP, no surprise for this minion of the slug & snail. Slowest of the slow. Even the fastest mofo tortoise competing with the arrogant mofo hare still champions the race ahead of them.

“Analysis Part 2 – hot cum dot my”

Browser – Still IE 5.5. We are blazin with Firefox or IE 7, & they still using 5.5. I doubt that their Windows Auto Update even works? Oh wait? Microsoft has already stopped Tech Support for Windows 98 not long ago! Pwn3d! =_=

Resolution – 800 by 600. Running low on graphic cards, no budget allocated for computer hardwares yo gov? Its 1280 know numsayin, 1280!

Time of visit – lunch time (add 7 hrs of from my UK time is around 13hrs=1pm+). Don’t be surprised that they can have whole lotta porn surfing orgies to substitute real decent lunch, damn, usted sucio pervertido amigos!!

“Customs like Angels.”

Last but not least, Customs loves angels, yeah fiery one like Elaine. LOL. Yo E, maybe u gonna get your dream car if you treat this lot damn fine. What next after angels? Fairies? Kinky ones? Damn, they’re so ‘unpredictable’ just like Jamie Foxx says.

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