Mobile Pwn3d!

My mobile got pwn3d recently by spams and I really have no idea where it was originated from. I never recalled of having subscribe to any mobile service. What pissed me off is how come some crappy service cost £1.50 for nothing? My anger took to it’s toll and here is the chronology;

1st Message: “Do you ever notice that when you’re driving, anyone going slower than you is an idiot & everyone driving faster than you is a maniac?”
Time: 5.06pm
Date: 13/08/06
Damage done: £1.50
My response: “Apa nie?” (In awe?)

2nd Message: “Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still thinks they are beautiful.”
Time: 5.07pm
Date: 27/8/06
Damage done: £1.50
My response: “Not another one? What tha…?” (Shocked?)

3rd Message: “Man to wife on wedding night: Are you sure I’m the first man you are sleeping with? Of course honey, I stayed awake with all the others!”
Time: 5.05
Date: 3/9/06
Damage done: £1.50
My response: “Ok enough. Action time!” (Disgusted!)
The culprit – 82277 (& its partner 82288 as well)

It is amusing at first, but what amusement costs £4.50 for god sake! My mobile was pwn3d by some irresponsible mobile scam company & yet they still think its funny! For every bloody SMS that I received (which I didn’t subscribe), the damage done was £1.50, & boy it hurts! I admit I’m silly enough to wait & only to realise after the 2nd SMS that my credits was deducted off as soon as the message arrives.

Before blogging this entry, I have googled around for some ‘remedies’ if it exists. It came to my surprise that this scam has been going on around last year as stated in this online forum; It was believed to have originated from Win Stock (sounds like Winsock?). Victims claimed that their numbers is either randomly targeted OR by accident through a ‘genuine’ subscriber who key in the wrong numbers. how likely can that be when so many people are complaining & all they can say is accident? I don’t think so. I believe this is deliberately targeted.

And just in case you guys (in UK) using O2 services same as mine & suffering the same fate like I do, you can try;

  1. Composing a new blank message (using ‘reply’ function wont work)
  2. Type STOP
  3. Send it to that bloody number – 82277
  4. In 5-20 minutes you will get a confirmation saying that your services has been discontinued

Here is the pics of how ‘funny’ a scam can get when it does invade your privacy & financial wellbeing.

Funny – yeah right!

New number of SATAN – 82277. Avoid at all cost!

My response to this shit.

Ask them Go Die

Service ceased – this better be good or else!!

My message to the scammers: K4N4541 N14 51N6!!

Adios. HTH.

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17 years ago

hahaha this is so cute 😀
ermm besides the fact you have to sacrifice that 1.50 for each sms.. ouch!

Pei Sheah
17 years ago

Something similar happens with to me sometime back. the culprit:; Maxis (012) (a Malaysian mobile operator) even partnered them. it’s no more i believe after i kick-up a huge fuss till some big shot from their UK office called to settle the matter. the trick? i forwarded my complain to everybody including Maxis’ CEO.

17 years ago

pei sheah: yeah i heard that Malaysian airtime provider themselves ‘allied’ with scammers to do this, such a disgrace! but my airtime provider did not, is just some scammer smart enough to get your number & claim it is all by ‘accident’.

sharon: yah, altogether is £4.50 is RM30 wei, for some ‘joke’ (yeah right).